Crowd Forests: Bringing Philanthropy closer to nature..

One wise man asked, “what would you take 1 billion rupees or 1 billion people?” Ofcourse any day , We would take 1 billion people hands down! We are here for congregation of great minds that can change peoples lives Are you one of them?
One such small idea from a Great mind, led to the concept of the creation of crowdfunded Man-Made forest.
In simple words, if you are looking for avenues to contribute to the nature. You help us with atleast one sapling, we give it your name and the rest we take care. Your contribution will lead to creation of jobs as well.
The cool part is you enter our “Hall of Fame” at our forest community centre.
How can you join this moment? If you have liked the page, you have already joined it.
If you want to contribute, we request you to wait for further updates.
Thank you!

There is a philanthropist hidden within every one of us. It’s just that he/she hasn’t walked out of us. This project is to bring them out and connect to the environment. Every year there are many memorable days each one of us has. To make it much more memorable, I fact make it a life long memory, we offer an opportunity to them.

That way they become the champions of nature.

Here is the idea..


(Note: following details are preliminary estimations)

Site size : 1 acres of land.

Location: Denkanikotta, TamilNadu (65 km from Bangalore, India.)

Contact person: Mr.Akshaya Kumar Devendra Fb Id: FB profile

Target: Rs. 1 lakhs ( approx. estimation)

In association with under negotiation).

Jobs creation: 5 full time jobs to farmers and youth.

Preliminary plan:

In a nutshell, the project estimates a minimum contribution of at least Rs. 200 or 3$ per person to be the hall of famer.

  1. A tree is planted under their name on a specified occasion and maintained.
  2. Estimated 1000 trees to be planted.
  3. A forest guesthouse to be built with a hall of fame and vacation stay can be provided to premium members.
  4. Full time jobs to be created to the farmers and local youth.
  5. The land will be either leased or bought or existing lands to worked out under  JV.

Based on the further interest, more villages and towns to be covered.
Project Location:

Please leave your comments.

If the idea hit you hard please support our project: Funding page link

Every Rs.200 will help us plant a tree and maintain it.

For our first target: 500 trees

and we aim to target 1000 trees by the June 2019 (World Environment Day)

Thank you.


Akshaya Kumar Devendra.


To begin with, I have committed my land 2.5 acres of land for community forest development.


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